Five easy steps to receiving your commissioned portrait

Below, for private clients, are the easy steps to commissioning an original portrait of your pet or your home. But first here are the answers to a few frequently asked questions.

What is the size of the portrait?

The size I usually work to is landscape 36cm (width) x 26cm (high) or a square picture of 26cm. This is the actual size of the painting and does not include the picture mount or the frame. When the picture mount and frame are added this increases the sizes to approximately 50cm (width) x 40cm (high) for a landscape or 40cm for a square portrait. Different sizes can, of course, be ordered upon request.

What is the cost?

Each portrait is quoted on an individual basis. Upon your initial enquiry and a description of what you require I shall email you a complete quotation.

What art materials do I use?

All my pencil drawings, black ink pen and watercolour paintings are done on the highest quality 140lbs watercolour paper and then double-mounted onto firm pure white art board.

Do the finished portraits come framed?

Yes, but only if you are based in London (England). If you are, I will arrange the framing of the painting and hand deliver it to you upon its completion. The framing of the painting is an additional cost and a quote will be supplied. If you are not London based the painting will be sent to you registered via Royal Mail, un-framed, flat, double-mounted, backed and ready for framing. I recommend that you use a frame shop local to you for the framing of the portrait as glass does not travel well in the post!

How long does it take?

The portraits are usually completed and delivered within one month, but if you have a specific deadline just let me know.

Payment terms

The portrait invoice and details of payment methods will be sent along with the finished painting. Full payment is to be made within 21 days of receipt of the invoice.

Commission a unique portrait

Step 1

Take a selection of photographs of your subject from different angles. Obviously the clearer, sharper and more detailed the photographs, the better the finished portrait will be. The photographs need to be saved as high resolution JPG files, each no larger than 4MB.

Step 2

Send me your photographs by uploading them on the upload page, or just attach the images as files to your usual email and message me at

Step 3

I will acknowledge receipt of your photographs, confirm the completion timescale and the final cost of your finished portrait.

Step 4

After studying your photographs I will email you a rough preliminary ink sketch to give you an indication of how the completed portrait will appear.

Step 5

Usually within one month of receiving your commission (depending on the complexity of the work) I will send you the finished painted portrait.