Brief introduction

Rain stopped sketching in Venice.
With Tippi Hedren in Chicago in 2010.

Animal anthology

Scholarships in both fine art and graphic design and a passion for both natural history and literature resulted in 25 years of creating book cover art and magazine illustrations. Portraying the rich diversity and splendour of the animal kingdom is my commitment and speciality.

2010 saw the publication of my own book containing 80 of my wildlife illustrations. Barfoot’s Bestiary – drawing the birds and beasts was borne out of my 30 year friendship with the legendary Hollywood actress Tippi Hedren. The book was published specifically to raise funds for Tippi’s private big cat preserve Below are a few pages from Barfoot’s Bestiary.

BFI invitation
Foreword by Tippi Hedren
Morning Mischief
Rude Remark